The breeders shown below will have Toy or Mini Aussie puppies available from time to time. We have found these breeders to be caring, responsible and reputable breeders who meet and/or exceed our high standards of practice and consider them to be a "Gold Ribbon Breeder." They each practice these high standards in their own manner with the health, care and well being of their animals being priority one.

With this being said, ToyMiniAussies.net claims no responsibility for any agreements or practices of these breeders, as we have no oversight of their individual daily operations. Our knowledge and trust in them comes from years of interaction with each of these breeders. We encourage you to visit their websites and use the Contact pages provided to get more information about the puppies or dogs they have for sale.

If you are new to the Toy or Miniature Australian Shepherd breed, please take the time to read the information provided in the Breed Information page.

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Shade Tree Aussies

Breezy gave us a beautiful litter of 6 puppies on December 4, 2014. Pictures up on the Available Puppies page. 

We have one very nice black tri male with one blue eye available that is nearing six months old. Please use our contact form for more information.

Shade Tree Aussies strives to produce working type dogs that excel at agility and other dog sports as well as having strong herding instinct.  All of our puppies are born in our home, played with, cuddled and talked to everyday. This is a very important part of having a well adjusted and socialized dog that fits into a human family. Any puppy offered for sale will be current on all possible vaccinations, worming and treatments as recommended by our Veterinarians. We are located in Central Oklahoma and are licensed and inspected by the State of Oklahoma.  We are well under the numbers need to have to be inspected but we volunteered to be part of the process. License number 294. 

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Carousel Aussies
We will take names for a wating list for future litters.

Carousel Aussies
is the home of the Worlds Happiest Toy and Mini Aussies! Our Toy and Mini Aussies are a part of our family. They are raised and socialized within our family, just like our children; not in a kennel.


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Dakota Toy Aussies

We currently have puppies from 3 litters. Check them out on our puppies page.

Here at Dakota Toy Aussies , we believe that our Toy or Miniature Australian Shepherds, more commonly referred to as Toy or Mini Aussies, are members of our family. They interact with us in our daily lives each and every day. When you purchase a puppy from us, you can rest assured that your new family member is well socialized and adjusted.


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Wiseachers Miniature Australian Shepherds

Marley x Tex had a beautiful litter of 5 puppies on 12-13-2014.  We have a blue merle male, black tri female and black tri male available.  Should mature in the 15" range.  The blue merle male is showing some good drive, so if you are looking for a sport dog, he just might fit the bill.

Marley's litter should be ready to go home in February. What a nice Valentines gift for your sweetheart! We will take deposits on this litter at any time.. 

has raised Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds at our home in Iowa since 1999. Wiseachers is a small kennel, so we are able to raise our quality Mini and Toy Aussie puppies with lots of love and attention so they will be well socialized. 

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Mini Aussies ~ Irresistible Angels - Located in Iowa

We have 2 really nice litters of puppies ready for thier new homes. Check out these quality puppies by visiting our Puppies page.

Irresistible Angels
' breeding program is based on producing quality Miniature American and Toy Australian Shepherds. They possess awesome temperaments, good social skills, and excel at herding, agility, conformation, obedience, flyball, service dog, or simply being the best pet imaginable.


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American Miniature Shepherds - Located in Minnesota

Miniature Shepherd


The Miniature American Shepherd is also known as the Miniature Australian Shepherd and affectionately referred to as the Miniature Aussie. Many breeders consider them to be "Americas Dogs" because the Miniature size originated within the United States.

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